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Manchester Tank is the premier manufacturer of pressure vessels. Founded in 1946, Manchester Tank produces quality pressure vessels in North America and Australia. 

Manchester Tank product lines include:

  • DOT Propane Cylinders, ranging in size from 5-420 lbs., with a variety of domestic, recreational, commercial and industrial applications.
  • ASME Propane Tanks, used in Recreational Vehicles to fuel appliances, and as fuel tanks for propane engines in trucks and automobiles.
  • Specialty Cylinders for recovery, reclaiming and storage of refrigerants.
  • Fire Suppressant Cylinders for dry chemical extinguishers and Halon replacement agents.
  • Chemical Cylinders for safe storage and transportation.
  • Air Receivers, ranging in size from very small tanks for portable air compressors up to 30,000 gallons water capacity.
  • Hand-held torchs ranging in sizes from 500,000 to 2,000,000 BTUs.
  • HVAC expansion and bladder tanks.
  • Engineered custom tanks

Manchester Tank's commitment is to remain a market leader in pressure vessel manufacturing by dedicating itself to fulfilling its customers' needs, which in turn will benefit company sales, growth, profits and employees. For informative industry-related sites, and other links to helpful resources, visit our Links section!

We have locations Nationwide. Find your nearest Manchester Tank Distributor.

Safety first! Read our helpful hints and safety tips.

Manchester Tank continues to set the standard for quality and reliability, and provide unsurpassed value in both mass-market and customized D.O.T. and A.S.M.E. products. Read more about us!

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