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Why Centrifugal Compressors?

The advantages of centrifugal compressors from Cameron's Compression Systems
Compare Cameron's innovative centrifugal compressor technology with other machines such as reciprocating, screw, and positive displacement compressors and the advantages are clear.


Cameron's Compression Systems
Centrifugal Compressors

Other Compressors

  • No wearing parts requiring regular replacement
  • Oil filter elements and seal gas filter elements are easily replaced on line.
  • Require regular maintenance such as replacement of piston rings, gland packing and valve plates
  • Results in high operating expenses and significant machine downtime
  • 100% oil free
  • Prevents oil contamination of system
  • Oil filters must be installed at discharge
  • Potential for oil carryover to foul the process
  • Pulsation free and require no dampers
  • May be subjected to suction and discharge pulsations
  • Require the use of large pulsation dampers to reduce pressure fluctuations
  • Feature inlet guide vane control, plus by-pass for smooth gas delivery under all conditions
  • The use of cylinder unloading for stepped flow control can result in complicated process control due to sudden changes in capacity
  • Capable of handling substantially higher volumes of gas in one or two small casings for smaller overall package
  • May have 4 or 6 cylinders requiring more space for installation
  • Essentially vibration-free
  • Require only a pad suitable for supporting the static weight of the package
  • Require a large and deep foundation to handle heavy weight and unbalanced forces
  • Precautions must be taken to prevent transmission of vibration to other equipment

Easy Operation High Reliability
  • Maestro™ High Performance Compressor Control System, the compressor industry's most advanced control system is standard for ease of operation.
  • Totally automatic operation for any operating condition.
  • Self diagnostics.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Thrust loads absorbed at low speed.
  • Non wearing compression components.
  • Non-contact air and oil seals.
  • Stainless steel compression elements.
  • Conservative high quality gear design.
  • Unlimited life pinion bearing design.
Easy Maintenance Lowest Cost Operation
  • No wearing parts requiring periodic changes or replacement in the compression elements.
  • No oil removal filters to clean.
  • Accessible horizontally split gear box for quick inspection.
  • Intercooler and aftercooler bundles are easily removed for cleaning.
  • Water in the tube design intercoolers and aftercooler allows for simple mechanical cleaning.
  • True unloading capability.
  • Energy savings and increased uptime translate to minimum operating life cycle costs.
  • Excellent part-load efficiencies for any operating load.
  • Non sliding or rubbing parts in the compression process causing wear and thereby efficiency loss.
Oil-Free Air Simple Installation
  • Prevents oil contamination of your system.
  • Removes the potential for compressed air pipeline fires caused by oil carryover.
  • Eliminates costly waste disposal problems associated with oil-laden condensate.
  • Eliminates the expense and associated maintenance requirements of oil removal filters, since no oil enters the compressed air stream in the compressor.
  • Complete package including aftercooler, controls, motor, lubrication system, and cooling water manifold.
  • Minimum number of external connections.
  • Compact design requires minimum floor space.
  • Package starter options available in full voltage, Y delta or solid state configurations.
  • Packaged discharge check valve option available to eliminate costly field installation.
  • Meets OSHA's sound level requirements.

Turbo-Air® and MSG® Compressors are engineered to deliver greater flow for every KW. The system provides much better operating economy than rotary screw, reciprocating, or other centrifugal compressors.

Compared to other machines of similar capacity, the Turbo-Air and MSG Compressors have the best KW-to-flow ratio for ultimate power savings.

This alone can significantly speed up payback on your initial investment - and the savings continue to build the more you operate the compressor.

Turbo-Air and MSG Compressors are the most efficient oil-free compressors at full load, part load, and no load.

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