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Cameron Compression Systems (Formerly Joy and Cooper Turbocompressor)

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Cameron Compression Systems (Formerly Joy and Cooper Turbocompressor)

cameron air compressorCooper Turbo compressor offers a broad line of oil-free centrifugal air compressors, each designed for long lasting performance, easy operation and convenient service. Turbo Air® 2000 Centrifugal Compressor designed for nominal flows from 550 CFM to 1700 CFM. Other configurations are available to 70,000 CFM.

Cooper Turbocompressor has introduced the Turbo Air Cooled™ 2000 centrifugal compressor, designed for applications where there is a limited supply or no water available for cooling. The new Turbo Air Cooled compressor makes it possible for more industries around the world to enjoy all the advantages of our state-of-the-art centrifugal compressor design. Turbo Air Cooled™ 2000 Centrifugal Compressors - The most advanced package available - Easy, low cost installation and operation. Includes built-in aftercooler, inlet filter/silencer and optional packaged check valve.

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