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HPRplus Series and HES Series
Refrigerated Compressed
Air Dryers

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Hankison International is dedicated to supplying quality compressed air treatment products worldwide. Hankison participates in numerous trade memberships, has obtained global certifications for its major product lines, and has achieved ISO 9001 certification, the internationally recognized standard for quality assurance.

Hankison products range from point-of-use filters and condensate drains to high capacity refrigerated and desiccant dryers. Whether for a large manufacturing plant, a hospital or a small business such as an auto repair shop, Hankison products ensure a constant supply of cool, clean, dry compressed air.


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Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers - HPRplus Series
and HES Series


  • Reliable dry air: 38°F, 3°C dew point
  • Integral 3 micron cold coalescing filter
  • Time delay “No air loss” electric demand drain
  • Energy Management
  • Monitor saves energy
  • “Smart Port” RS232 computer interface
  • CSA certified
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