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Turbo-Air 20000


The most advanced package available
Easy, low cost installation and operation. The TA20000™ was designed as a result of our Renaissance project to create a more standardized and efficient compressor with a shorter delivery time and lower cost. Many features from the Turbo Air line of compressors are incorporated into this higher capacity compressor. A complete design from the ground up with input from actual end-users ensures that this product will be efficient and easy to maintain.

The TA20000 is designed to be a four stage air compressor which is also capable of combined service with booster applications with a total of up to six stages. The flow for main air is 16,000 ICFM (20,000IM³HR) to 23,000 ICFM (34,1500IM³HR) in a four stage configuration with a discharge pressure of up to 375 psig. Booster Pressure can go as high as 1100 psig with mass flow up to 50% of the Main Air flow.

This product is designed for global markets to accommodate all codes, materials, and electrical power. This is the latest Renaissance product incorporating the latest in centrifugal compressor technology.

Features include all the standard design features of the Turbo Air and MSG lines of Cameron's Compression Systems plus the following:

  • Gearbox designed for lower mechanical loses.
  • Improved Aerodynamics related to Scroll, Impeller and Diffuser design.
  • Improved packaging.
  • Greater pressure making capability.
  • All units are of a high efficiency design and include maximum turndown.



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