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Turbo Air 2000
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The industry’s most advanced control solution.

Cooper Turbocompressor features a superior arrangement of air flow components. Air movement through each stage of the compressor is directed so turbulence is reduced. Energy is added to the air in each stage which increases the pressure. Air is cooled after every stage to assure high efficiency. A built-in aftercooler eliminates the need for a separate pipeline type cooler.

The Turbo Air® 2000 Compressor features the Vantage™ High Performance Control System as standard equipment for maximum ease of use and compressor efficiency. The Vantage™ system was developed as a result of our strategic alliance with Bay Controls, known in the industry for its expertise in designing compressor controls and compressed air solutions. The most efficient and reliable compressor control available anywhere

  • The Vantage™ system uses Polytropic Head and inlet flow to accurately predict the true surge point relative to changing operating conditions.
  • The Vantage™ control strategy maximizes a compressor’s operating throttle range, increasing useable turndown and substantially reducing or eliminating wasteful compressor blow-off.
  • Reacts to large system demand changes better than any other controller.
  • Results in optimal operating efficiency and reliability in compressed air supply. Saves energy to save you money
  • Offers greater operating turndown and true system pressure control for significant energy savings.
  • Typically delivers 10-20% greater range over other OEM controllers.
  • Can result in tens of thousands of dollars in annual energy savings.




Easy-to-use information display

  • Full page, 640 x 480, graphic back-lit LCD display for the user interface with an integrated 15 key, tactile keypad.
  • Provides 24 lines by 80 characters of detailed information on the operational condition and settings of the controller.
  • Large, back-lit display is easily read under all ambient lighting conditions.

Monitoring Views and History

  • Event history provides critical diagnostic and operating information, listing the last 256 events, including start-up, shutdown, set point changes, and more.
  • Protection history provides operating information listing the last 256 alarm warnings and trips.
  • Monitoring view provides a complete picture of compressor operation in real time.

Compressor Networking for further operational savings

  • Compressor Networking can operate up to 32 compressors as one coordinated system.
  • Assures that each compressor is operating at peak efficiency levels, with the ability to respond to large changes in system demand.

Optional features

  • Performance History maintains a record of the power consumption, compressor and system mass flow, and compressor and system efficiency for twelve months.
  • Operation Scheduler enables automatic changes to system pressure setpoint, maximum load setpoint, and start and stop compressors at a configurable date and time.
  • VantagePoint™ Web-based monitoring allows 24/7 connectivity and data acquisition to manage your compressed air system wherever you are - at home, on the road or in your office.
  • Vantage+™ Engineering provides additional consulting services such as audits, measurement and verification, metering and design services, as well as complete training.

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