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Turbo-Air 2020 Centrifugal Air Compressors

Welcome to the portal of the new modular-designed Turbo-Air 2020. Click on the link below to learn more about how this product can fit your plant air requirements.


Centrifugal benefits.
100% oil-free air. Plug-and-play ease. All at the right price.

Motor Sizes Available: 250-400 HP (185-300 KW)
Discharge Pressure Ranges: 45-125 psig (3-8.6 BARG)
Flow Ranges: 600-1940 CFM (19-55 m3/min)


The Turbo-Air® 2020 offers big performance in a compact package at a great value.
Providing oil-free, reliable, efficient operation and ease of maintenance in a two-stage 250-400 HP plant air compressor. Say goodbye to costly screw airends. Welcome to the ideal centrifugal package that leaves today’s dry screw and other centrifugal compressors far behind.

Cost-Effective, Efficient, Reliable, and Oil-Free.
The Turbo-Air 2020 brings you lower maintenance costs with greater reliability, lower power costs with greater efficiency, and all the advantages of oil-free compressed air.

  • Oil-free air. 100% oil-free air means higher product quality and lower operating costs.
  • Easy to maintain. Easy to install. No airend replacement. No disassembly required, just simple filter changes. So maintenance costs are lower.
  • Reliable, efficient operation. The Turbo-Air 2020 is able to unload without blowing off and operates as a base-load or trim compressor with the capacity to vary flow, saving energy, and translating into an operational power curve equal to or better than rotary screw machines. All of these performance features result in lower operating costs.
  • Best specific power of any two-stage compressor. The Turbo-Air 2020 beats out every other competitor in its class, delivering lower power costs.
  • Lifecycle savings. Solid performance with no wearing parts, selectable constant pressure control, no gradual loss of flow, and maximum uptime. The more you use it, the faster the payback.

Unique Design, Unique Advantages.
The Turbo-Air 2020’s value engineering includes all the features you told us you wanted, wrapped up in a superior modular design that allows us to bring you all the advantages of a centrifugal compressor at a competitive price.

Inlet Module - Two-stage high-efficiency filters; integrated inlet silencer; packaged inlet and bypass valves; easy to inspect and replace filter elements

Gearbox Module - Integrally cast intercooler and aftercooler; horizontally split cover for easy inspection; phenolic coating for corrosion-free operation; airend never needs replacement

Cooling Water Manifold Module - Innovative, simple, cast one-piece design is reversible for left or right approach

Rotor Cartridges Module - 100% oil-free, no filters to replace, exclusive design to last for life of compressor; zero maintenance

Electric Drive Motor Module - Latest high-efficiency design with effortless alignment; fully wired and ready to start

Lubrication System Module - Fully packaged; shaft-mounted main oil pump; electric-motor-driven auxiliary pump

Control System Module - Fully packaged; solid state reduced voltage starter and MAESTRO EZ PLC based control and interface


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