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Turbo-Air 6000 Centrifugal Air Compressors

Motor Sizes Available: 800-1750 HP (600-1300 KW)
Discharge Pressure Ranges: 50-150 psig (3.5-10 BARG)
Flow Ranges: 4000-8000 CFM (6800-13,600 m3/HR)

Cameron's Compression Systems features a superior arrangement of air flow components. Air movement through each stage of the compressor is directed so turbulence is reduced. Energy is added to the air in each stage which increases the pressure. Air is cooled after every stage to assure high efficiency.

The most advanced package available
Easy, low cost installation and operation. Includes built-in aftercooler.

Guide Vanes -
Inlet guide vanes are mounted close to the impeller to achieve maximum benefit.

Maestro™ High Performance
Compressor Control System -
The Compressor industry's most advanced control system is standard, offering greater turndown and true system pressure control for significant energy savings.

Optional Packaged Aftercooler
and Cooling Water Manifold -

Minimizes field installation costs.

Seals -
Non-contact, non-wearing labyrinth air and oil seals. No buffer air required for oil-free air. Eliminates the need for periodic replacement of carbon seals.

Horizontal Split Gear Box -
Allows for easy access when customer's maintenance policy requires periodic inspection.

Impellers -
Advanced design combines the best features of a semi-radial and backward leaning impeller.

Vaned Diffusers -
Matching diffusers for superior efficiency.

Superior Pinion Bearing Design
(patent pending) -
For unlimited life and operation at any load.

Intercoolers/Aftercooler -
Water-in-tube intercooler and aftercooler bundles slide out for easy inspection and cleaning.


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