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Why Cooper Turbocompressor?

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Compression Systems

Oil-Free Air

  • Prevents oil contamination of your system.
  • Removes the potential for compressed air pipeline fires caused by oil carryover.
  • Eliminates costly waste disposal problems associated with oil-laden condensate.
  • Eliminates the expense and associated maintenance requirements of oil removal filters, since no oil enters the compressed air stream in the compressor.

High Reliablility

  • Thrust loads absorbed at low speed.
  • No wearing parts.
  • Non-contact air and oil seals.
  • Stainless steel compression elements.
  • Conservative high quality gear design.
  • Unlimited life pinion bearing design

Lowest Cost Operation

  • True unloading capability.
  • Energy savings and increased uptime translate to minimum operating life cycle costs.
  • Excellent part-load efficiencies for any operating load.
  • No sliding or rubbing parts in the compression process causing wear and thereby efficiency loss.

Easy Operation

  • Quad Control System
  • Totally automatic operation for any operating condition.
  • Self diagnostics.
  • Quiet operation.

Easy Maintenance

  • No wearing parts requiring periodic changes or replacement in the compression elements.
  • No oil removal filters to clean.
  • Accessible horizontally split gear box for quick inspection.
  • Intercooler and aftercooler bundles are easily removed for cleaning.
  • Water in the tube design intercoolers and aftercooler allows for
    simple mechanical cleaning.

Simple Installation

  • Complete package including aftercooler, controls, motor, lubrication system, and cooling water manifold.
  • Minimum number of external connections.
  • Compact design requires minimum floor space.
  • Package starter options available in full voltage, Y delta or solid state configurations.
  • Packaged discharge check valve option available to eliminate costly field installation.
  • Meets OSHA’s sound level requirements.
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